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Our office began life as a pediatric clinic run by Seton Health. In 2005, Dr. William Grattan and Ruth Kelleher kept the clinic open as a private pediatric practice. In 2012, Dr. MK DiTursi joined, and in 2013 the group re-organized as a new business: Harmony Mills Pediatrics.Throughout it all, the providers and staff at Harmony Mills Pediatrics have remained dedicated to knowing their patients’ individual stories and needs, and to providing the most comprehensive, evidence-based, and individualized care.



Dr. MK DiTursi is originally from Annapolis, Maryland but has lived in Troy for 20 years. Xe received xir Bachelors from RPI in 2000, and xir PhD in 2005. Xe graduated from Albany Medical College with a M.D. with Distinction in Bioethics in 2009. Dr. DiTursi is board certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Xe came to work for Dr. Grattan in 2012 and, when his business closed in 2013, opened Harmony Mills Pediatrics to care for families of Cohoes and the surrounding communities. Dr. DiTursi lives in Troy, NY with xir husband and their two children.

Remembering William A. Grattan MD FAAP

(5/18/1925 TO 2/15/2014)
Dr. Grattan was beloved by all the patients and staff at the practice. He saw patients until the day he passed away in 2014 after a brief illness.