Harmony Mills Pediatrics Vaccine Policy and Schedule

Harmony Mills Pediatrics adheres to a standard vaccine schedule approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Center for Disease Control. The most up-to-date and complete set of these recommendations can be found at https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/schedules/hcp/imz/child-adolescent.html.

Until a child is 24 months, the office offers and strongly recommends vaccinations according to the linked schedule. After that, at age 24 months, adherence to our schedule is a requirement for continuing as a patient of this practice.

The influenza vaccine is required for all children age 24 months and up, and is offered when available in season beginning at age six months. Our goal is to see every patient between October and November of each year for an influenza vaccine, either during their scheduled well child or follow-up visit, or for a nurse-only visit or during an evening/weekend/morning flu clinic. If for some reason, a patient comes in for a well child or sports physical visit and has not received an influenza vaccine that year, it will be included in the shots for that visit.

If you are having difficulties with insurance or payment, please come anyway for your vaccines. We participate with the Vaccines for Children program, and always have free shots available to patients without insurance.

Age Total Needles Shots
infant birth 1 hepatitis B #1 given in hospital
2 months 3 + a drink hepatitis B #2, Hib #1, Pneumococcal #1, Dtap #1, Polio #1, Rotavirus #1
4 months 2 or 3+ a drink Hib #2, Pneumococcal #2, Dtap #2, Polio #2, Rotavirus #2
6 months 2 or 3 + a drink hepatitis B #3, Pneumococcal #3, Dtap #3, Polio #3, Rotavirus #3
October 1 October, or as soon as infant is six months old: influenza #1
November 1 One month following Influenza #1: influenza #2
1 year 12 months 2 + a lead test MMR #1, Chicken Pox (Varicella) #1, Hepatitis A #1
15 months 3 Pneumococcal #4, Hib #3, Dtap #4
October 1 influenza
2 years 24 months 1 + a lead test Hepatitis A #2
October 1 Influenza
3 years October 1 influenza
4 years 4th Birthday Month 2 MMR #2, Chicken Pox (Varicella) #2, Polio #4, Dtap #5
October 1 Influenza
5 years October 1 Influenza
6 years October 1 Influenza
7 years October 1 Influenza
8 years October 1 Influenza
9 years October 1 Influenza
10 years 10th Birthday Month 2 Tdap, HPV #1
October 1 Influenza
11 years 11th Birthday Month 2 Meningococcal #1, HPV #2
October 1 Influenza
12 years October 1 Influenza
13 years October 1 Influenza
14 years October 1 Influenza
15 years October 1 Influenza
16 years 16th Birthday Month 1 Meningococcal #2
October 1 Influenza
17 years October 1 Influenza
18 years October 1 Influenza
19 years October 1 Influenza
20 years 20th Birthday Month 1 Tdap
October 1 Influenza

Notes on the office schedule:

  • The number of injections depends on the availability of certain combination vaccines, as well as if a parent followed the standard schedule from birth. Please never promise your child that it will only be a certain number of shots! In the case of an update to the CDC recommended schedule, there will probably be a lag between the change and the update to this page as well.
  • A very small number of children should receive Meningitis B vaccination, which is not listed on this schedule, and that will be discussed individually with Dr. DiTursi.
  • When there is a personal or family history of fever seizure, Dr. DiTursi recommends avoiding giving the influenza and pneumococcal vaccinations on the same day, and the offered schedule will be adjusted if this comes up. Any parent may request, if they are particularly concerned about high fevers (although Dr. DiTursi does not specifically recommend this approach), to defer a third or fourth pneumococcal to a future nurse visit and give only the influenza vaccination on that date. This is not considered “alternate” or “declining” vaccination.