Patient Portal

A parent may get a portal account for any child under 15. Any child 15 and over may have their own account. (A preexisting parent account will still have a billing option.) These ages are in keeping with state privacy laws and we cannot offer other options (developmentally delayed children in guardianship situations for example) at this time, we apologize.

We are temporarily waiving the in-person photo ID requirement for portal accounts due to coronavirus. We will confirm photo ID with anyone who gets a portal account for their child next time they are in the office. 15+ patients themselves can just sign a consent next time they are in the office and register for the portal now.

go to to register for the portal.

Portal messages will be addressed during business hours only. If you need to talk to someone outside of business hours, PLEASE call the office to speak to the after-hours triage nurses. 518-233-9500.

Harmony Mills Pediatrics is excited to announce that we now provide Patient Portal accounts for use by our patients and families. The patient portal can be used to reference billing, demographic, scheduling, and clinical information without the need to call or visit the office in person!

Family members may register for a portal account with any level of access for children up through age 12. After age 18, a patient may sign up for his or her own full-access portal account. Family members of patients between 13 and 17 years of age may still have limited access to billing information and financial documents only.

Clinical Portal access must be obtained in office, with photo ID if it is being obtained for a person who is not the patient. You must have at least partial custody of the patient in order to obtain portal access. At this time we are not giving portal access to temporary custodians (foster parents).

One family member may register the same e-mail address to view multiple children. Once the account is created, the family member will be able to select each child from a drop-down list. However, you must fill out a unique portal registration form for each child. Additionally, each family member who wishes to register must provide a unique email address. Non-custodial live-in parents (step-parents, housemates, etc.) will only be able to access the children in the household for whom they have legal rights.

If you believe that another person has access to the portal for a patient they should not, please inform the office and provide supporting documentation (ie: family court paperwork) as quickly as possible.

The Information you provide for portal registration cannot be changed by phone. It will be used if you forget your portal password. Changing demographic information at check-in or at any other time will not affect portal information. If you need to update the registered phone number for your portal account, you must do so from within portal, or in the office with a photo ID using a new portal registration form.

Please bear with us as we try to roll out this important feature without compromising the law, your child’s privacy, or access to your healthcare information!

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